Thursday, 4 September 2014

Winter Blues......

Well more like Winter browns.......It's been a little while since my last blog post but news is very slim....that's not a bad thing, no news is good news!

I've been work work working, of the tram driving variety and still not much of the wool based variety.  I don't know about anyone else but when you're not doing wool based work and you've previously had time to do lots of it, or at least find a small window of opportunity in every day, you sort of feel a little sad.....I know I do.  I miss it a lot.

I have started just knitting some little jumpers, sweaters and cardis for friends young ones, but a row or two a night is all I get to do....whereas once upon a time, I could have a jumper finished in a day or two.....ahhhhh!!  And don't get me started on the lack of crochet output, that's really taken a back seat.

Anyway I have got as far as getting all my wonderful photographers colour choices for the upcoming Purdey pattern, and pattern writing will commence on Sunday, come hell or high water.  I still have the end of September in my sights for a release.

Anyway again as I don't have much to tell, I'll leave you with some images I took when walking around my hood.....I sit on my backside most of the day so it's nice to get out and stretch my legs.....and also I hadn't picked up the camera in what seems like an age, so it was nice to be a bit snap happy.......You can definitely see the seasonal changes where I live.....everything is a bit brown at the moment, but Spring is in the air.

Hope you're all well.


Sunday, 3 August 2014


I hadn't meant to be away for so long, but time has just gotten away......June and July have completely flown by with little going on around here other than work of the full time variety and not the wool based variety.

I was saying to a colleague the other day that I don't remember any of my other full time jobs taking up as much time as this one I've just started.  I think it has something to do with the mental tiredness that is still therefor when I get home, I haven't got the capability or the want of picking up wool based projects.  Lolling around has become a big part of my day when I'm not working!! 

I've got as far as just about finishing the Keaton winners hats and that's all.  Once they're done I'll be working on the next pattern.  The fact that I have no other knitting projects or orders for anyone should hopefully make pattern writing this time quite quick.......Fingers crossed!!

Anyway I really don't have much more news, I just wanted to pop by so you don't think I'm truly's not just my blog that has fallen by the way side, it's also FB, Instagram and Pinterest, but I promise that things will resume back to wool based news very shortly.

Hope you're all well.


Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Hi All,

I'll make this quick and hopefully be back with a long overdue post in the coming days......I'm officially a tram driver and now driving without a trainer.....and all seems great.  What I really wanted to do was to thank the 33 people that entered the giveaway, some here and some on Facebook.  There were 2 winners as promised. I used to generate the two numbers and No 2 is Jemima who entered here via the blog.  I'll leave it to Jemima to contact me at so we can organise your custom hat.  The other winner was a FB entrant who has claimed her prize over there.

Thanks for all your lovely well wishes about my new far so good.....Ding Ding!!


Thursday, 12 June 2014

Update, Competition & Hello....... feels like an age since I was last here.  My social media posts have been few and far between as I move into my last week of Tram Driver training with an on board trainer before my last exam next week.  My days have really just been a complete blur of study and concentration on another level, tiredness that I never contemplated.....all brought on by mental fatigue......I don't think I've ever slept so well in my life and let me tell you sleep becomes the most important thing ever!

I've also learnt that eating well and exercise are paramount in a job that requires 100% focus at all times......hopefully that focus may roll over in to my procrastination of all things wooly and stop me jumping from one WIP to another!!.......Somehow I don't think it will.

I continue to knit my way through the last half dozen hat orders.  My days off like today are dedicated to knitting all day to get these completed.....I figure at the moment the housework can long as I have a clean uniform for work, that's the main thing.

I've had a few queries already about releasing more patterns.....the answer is yes.  I have a baby blanket or two in the planning for the next patterns.  I just wanted a little break from the hats for now.....fingers crossed the blanket patterns will be completed by mid July.....and then I'll start working on my next hat pattern.

I still continue to be amazed at how well my patterns have been received.  Norwegians, Danes, Swedes and the French continue to knit my patterns at an amazing rate, and looking at so many of your little knitted d&m hats on Ravelry and blogs, makes me smile.

So that leads me to a KEATON competition that I promised......I am quite happy to knit 2 completed KEATON beanies for 2 lucky winners in colours and size of their choice from the colours I have in stock.

Keaton comes in 5 sizes so you are not limited to kids sizes if you win. You may want a beanie for yourself.  You can also have the choice of having it with a pom pom or without.  I'll happily send the completed beanies anywhere in the the competition is open to everyone.

All you have to do to enter is to either join my blog, like my Facebook page and do one other thing and that is to like one of the great photographers Facebook pages that have assisted me with Keaton photographs amongst others Sarah Brown Photography  and Lamb loves Fox

Sunday, 25 May 2014


Sunday.   It's so nice to wake up to a little bit of rain.  We're still receiving unseasonal warm weather here in Melbourne......and I'm talking T-Shirts and in some cases shorts (not me of course)......This week so the weather report says, should see Winter finally kick in, and I for one can't wait. 

Sorry it's been so un-newsworthy around these parts.  I've settled into the routine of my new full time job, and to say I've been mentally shattered is an understatement.  At the moment we're doing theory and my brain has gone into melt down.  Overloaded with information all in a good way, but in my mid-40's and not having done any real study since High School, I'm finding it hard to find my focus, therefore when I get home in the evening I'm reading, re-reading and re-reading again and again.

In between I'm trying to do some orders.....weekends for the time being have become quite precious, it's the only time that allows me to get my knit sticks out and I miss it......after being at home unemployed for 12 weeks, I've realised that I didn't make that good a use of my time......kicking myself now.

It's 9am on a Sunday morning as I write this job for today.  2 hat orders to complete, an hour of study and a clean kitchen.  Better get to it.

My posts are going to become a little less frequent for the next month or so, whilst my further 5 weeks of study that stage I'm sure I'll be itching for some creative woolly crochet business.

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care


Wednesday, 14 May 2014


I sauntered off to the supermarket this was too beautiful not to.  Just when we thought Winter was on our doorstep here in Melbourne....a week of 20+ temperatures beckon....sunshine and's like the Indian Summer came back!!  I have the best walk to my local supermarket.....I do have one literally 100 metres up the road, but since I've been unemployed I've been walking to the bigger one around 20 minutes away and every time I walk it on a day like today I realise how great my hood is!

So the 20 minute walk to the supermarket and the 20 minutes back turned into 120 minutes....but it was worth it!



Tuesday, 13 May 2014


My little Keaton Slouch Beanie is for sale.....yes I know for those of you that are in the Northern Hemisphere, you're pulling out your swim suits and shorts......but down here in Australia....we're rugging up!!

Anyway new little hat is available as a PDF download.....Ravelry only offers single downloads with no discounted rate, but over at Etsy there are combo deals for 2 & 3 patterns.

Keaton is available for a 12M toddler through to an adult....I gave my Keaton that I made myself on the weekend away to one of the photographers for my first adult photo shoot....oh I loved that hat.  Will just have to make myself another one or two.  Links for patterns are over at the side of the page.

I'm off to's late and I'm officially starting work on Thursday.....need to get the old body clock back on a 9-5 timeframe!!